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With the demand for aesthetic treatments expanding quickly, and more medical professionals are thinking of joining the industry, the number of providers of aesthetic courses in Malaysia is also expanding. If you appreciate the beauty of aesthetics and are also passionate about the science beyond empowering people to feel and look their best, you should merge your passions for science and creativity with the career choice of aesthetics medicine. Here are some reasons to choose our aesthetic courses in Malaysia to show you a preview of what you can do!

Key reasons to choose our aesthetic courses

Our professional team

We believe that the number one reason for selecting us is the thing we are most proud of our people. Aesthetic Academy Asia is a team of internationally known- aesthetic physicians, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and academicians! They all have outstanding medical credentials and a great experience. But what distinguishes them – and what we consistently keep receiving excellent feedback for – is their approach. Our organization knows that while you’re learning you need a guiding hand in the initial periods after the training. We, at the Aesthetic Academy, are always there to support and help you all along. We are not only providing guidance – we see ourselves as our delegates’ lifelong learning partner.

About us

Aesthetic Academy Asia is the world’s first private organizations to provide dual Aesthetic Medicine certification programs. The Academy provides foundation programs that are assured by City & Guilds of London Institute and Professional Diploma and Professional Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine that are awarded and certified by European International University (EIU).

Our extensive service

There are a lot of challenges involved in changing careers, and we are committed to making the training as convenient and hassle-free as possible for our Learners.

Recent developments in health and skincare result in a growing demand for skincare and rejuvenation facilities – and for professional practitioners. Patients with serious skin disorders tend to receive such treatments from a trustworthy, professional physician rather than a beautician or cosmetic nurse. Meeting the aesthetic needs of your patients and helping them recover their healthy image and confidence will create long-term trust and contribute to your profession’s non-Medicare based revenue. You’ll also obtain the medical and industry expertise necessary to incorporate the services into your career.

Our aesthetic courses

Professional Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine (International)

The Professional Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine (INT) for certified medical doctors & dentists is an internationally accredited aesthetic program. This aesthetic training program is highly recommended for doctors and dentists who are interested in starting or implementing Aesthetic Medicine into their practice.
Our aesthetic training program includes a foundation course (theory) and a medical Professional Diploma program. First, learners would need to finish the foundation course (theory) and then move to the clinical Professional Diploma program.

Professional Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine (LCP)

(For Malaysian medical doctors and dentists only)
The Professional Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine (LCP) is an International certified aesthetic program for registered Malaysian medical doctors & dentists. For Malaysian doctors who would like to start or implement Aesthetic Medicine into their practice, this aesthetic training course is highly recommended. The program also provides doctors to prepare for the local KKM LCP Board Exam and apply for it.

Professional Certificate in Advanced Aesthetic

(For nurses, pharmacists, certified Aestheticians & spa owners)
The Professional Certificate in advanced aesthetics is an International certified aesthetic program for Nurses, Pharmacists, certified aestheticians & spa owners. It is ideal for those who want to begin an advanced aesthetic practice. Our aesthetic training course includes the Foundation Program (Theory) and the Professional Certificate Program (Practical).

Advanced training in BoNTA science

Advanced Training in BoNTA Science is a dual certification program for physicians and dentists who wish to develop their knowledge and skills in BoNTA Cosmetic Procedures. Trainees with basic experience or a diploma in Aesthetic Medicine are eligible to join the program. The program consists of three days of theoretical and clinical training at the academy.

Advanced training in Dermal Filler

Advanced Dermal Filler Training is a dual certification program for medical doctors and dentists seeking to improve their expertise and skills in dermal filler procedures.

Advanced training in Thread Lifting & Scaffold

Advanced Training in Thread Lift and Scaffold is a Dual Certification Program for Medical Doctors and Dentists who wish to further their skills and experience in Thread Lift procedures. Trainees with basic experience or a diploma in Aesthetic Medicine are eligible to join the program.

It can be a challenging and daunting journey to embark on any new career, but it is definitely possible to succeed in Aesthetic Medicine with the right know-how. Join our award-winning Aesthetic Academy Asia and establish your profession in aesthetics. For further information visit our official website.

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